Hi, my name’s Ash, and I’m a Multidisciplinary Designer with over 12 years experience delighting clients, managing projects & leading teams.

Creative Tools & Apps

Abode Illustrator
Abode Photoshop
Abode AfterEffects
Abode InDesign

+ Various Management Tools

Originally a graphic designer from East Yorkshire, England, my thirst for snow led me to travel around the world. During this time I continued to develop my creative skills by freelancing for agencies and completing projects for my own clients.

Now settled in Melbourne, Australia, my strategic creativity and technical skills allows me to successfully tell client stories, create engaging customer interactions and smooth operational processes.

“I love using a combination of design and strategic thinking to untangle tough client challenges.”


MelloGraphics / Ashley Pickering portrait




Web Design

I conceptualise and design engaging web experiences using expertise in information architecture, SEO, and scalability. Interfaces correspond with client goals and my technical knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript enables easy collaboration with developers that bring visions to life. 

Website Strategy, Brochure web design, e-commerce design, Web app design, Landing pages, Wireframes, Prototypes, Communication design, WordPress, CSS, SCSS

Product Design

I design interfaces tailored to user expectations and client goals by using data gathered from user research. I use modern UI principles to build intuitive and visually appealing experiences. Rapid prototyping allows iteration before development. This results in a seamless user journey that aligns with business needs.

User Experience Strategy, Interface design, Application design, Product design, Wireframes, Prototype, User flow

Design Systems

The use of design systems allows me to easily plan, summarise and document assets and components for large UI and branding projects. These are built to be adaptable so can easily scale with evolving business needs. I enjoy training client teams to effectively leverage a system to keep brand consistency.

Creating & maintaining design libraries, UI kits, Component libraries


I create strong, clean logos and visual identities that encapsulate a brand’s essence and appeal to target audiences. I find new and exciting ways to push existing brand guidelines to modernise designs. Brand consistency across print and digital mediums is achieved by creating cohesive guidelines and asset packs.

Strategy, Logo design, Branding & identity, Brand guidelines, Color schemes, Typography, Templates

Illustration & Motion

Strong sketching and illustration skills allow me to design expressive characters and captivating narratives. Storyboarding allows me to plan visual sequences and craft fluid animations that connect with audiences across media.

Traditional illustration, Spot illustration, Digital illustration 3d Illustration, Explainer videos, Music videos, Character & Mascot design

Project & Team Management

I foster innovation and creativity within design and development teams through my user-centred thinking. My superior organisation, communication, and collaboration skills allow me to lead and work with teams to optimise processes and deliver high-quality outcomes. 

Team leader, Creative direction, Process workflows, Project management