Ashley Pickering is a Melbourne based Brand & UI designer, with over 12 years experience delighting clients, leading projects & influencing teams.

Creative Tools & Apps

Abode Illustrator
Abode Photoshop
Abode AfterEffects
Abode InDesign

+ Various Management Tools

Originally from East Yorkshire, England, a thirst for snow led me to travel and live in various countries around the world. During this time I continued to develop my skills and career, by freelancing for many agencies and completing projects for clients of my own.

Now settled in Melbourne, Australia, I continue to delight both agencies and clients with strong strategic creativity and technical skills. Pulling them together to tell stories, create better customer interactions, enhance brands and smooth out operational processes.

I love how strong a combination of design and strategic thinking is when untangling tough client challenges. And can’t get enough of delighting clients with new concepts and execution using it.


MelloGraphics / Ashley Pickering wireframing at a whiteboard
MelloGraphics / Ashley Pickering portrait





Creating cohesive and recognisable visual identities for companies or their products and campaigns. Starting with a strong strategic direction and wrapping it up with clear brand guidelines and usable assets.

Strategy, Logo design, Branding & identity, Brand guidelines, Color schemes, Typography, Templates

Web Design

Showcasing brands, organising services and displaying products in a way that engages users visually and strategically to answer their needs.

Website Strategy, Brochure web design, Ecommerce design, Web app design, Landing pages, Wireframes, Prototypes, Communication design, WordPress, CSS, SCSS

Product Design

Taking a product and creating memorable experiences that are aesthetically appealing, functional and intuitive for the target users.

User Experience Strategy, Interface design, Application design, Product design, Wireframes, Prototype, User flow

Design Systems

Brings consistency to visual identities for both print and digital applications. Allows brands to expand along with business growth.

Creating & maintaining design libraries, UI kits, Component libraries

Illustration & Animation

Illustration and animation make products and brands feel enjoyable and polished. Whether it’s hand-drawn or 3D rendered, illustration and making things move is my favourite way to add to a brand’s look and feel.

Traditional illustration, Spot illustration, Digital illustration 3d Illustration, Explainer videos, Music videos, Character & Mascot design

Project & Team Management

Clear communications, realistic timelines, proven processes and the right team all are all key to a successful project and importantly, an enjoyable one!

Team leader, Creative direction, Process workflows, Projects management